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Parkside Hotels & Resorts N.A. division Parkside Hotels & Resorts (UK) is one of the fastest growing hotel franchise membership programs in the United States and Canada.

Q: What is Parkside Hotels & Resorts?
A: Parkside Hotels & Resorts N.A. was founded by Parkside Hotels & Resorts, a leading English hotel company. It's membership is open to outstanding, independently owned Inns, Hotels, Resorts, and Suites throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and worldwide. It is a consortium of special properties sought by business people and vacationers that are tired of being booked into "look alike" chain hotels. They have become one of the great discoveries of knowledgeable travelers.

Q: What types of properties qualify as Parkside Hotels & Resorts?
A: Parkside properties are a select group of of fine Inns, Hotels, Resorts, and Suites. They have convenient locations near tourist attractions, business centers, and major airports. They offer comfort, reasonable rates and fine, quality accommodations. Because of their individuality, Parkside Hotels & Resorts are highly esteemed by travelers who expect the highest quality and personal service.

Q: What will Parkside Hotels & Resorts do for my property?
A: In today's hotel economy, the the working together of similar properties is a great benefit, still, it is equally important that each maintain it's own individuality which is what is unique about Parkside members. With this tenet, here is what Parkside offers you:

  • Reservation referral between hotels.
  • An efficient 800 toll free number service available through out the U.S. and Canada.
  • A professional sales staff in major markets, calling on travel agents and business sources.
  • A professional convention and conference sales department "in touch" with association and corporate meeting planners.
  • Inclusion in "PARKNET" - Parkside's fully automated reservation system which requires no equipment purchase or lease on your part.
  • Use of an industry and consumer trademark recognized for quality.
  • In house advertising agency to develop cost effective joint advertising campaigns, packages or custom promotions aimed to build occupancy during off season periods.
  • Advertising discounts on major travel publications. Inclusion in the Parkside Hotels & Resorts Travel Directory featuring Parkside Inns, Hotels, Resorts and Suites.
  • Connected to Parkside Central Reservation service and affiliates worldwide.
  • Advisory and consultation services.
  • Selected participation in four annual direct mail promotions to travel agents.
  • Other services as developed by the Parkside corporate committee.

Q: What are the goals of Parkside Hotels & Resorts?
A: The ultimate goal of Parkside Inns is to be represented in every major metropolitan area in North America, and major cities around the world.

Q: How do I subscribe to Parkside Inns?
A: E-mail, mail, or fax us for additional information about subscribing:

Parkside Hotels & Resorts
P.O. Box 10028
Anaheim CA 92812

Phone 714-442-9620
Fax 714-276-1386

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